What are the first steps if I decide to sell my home with James Estate Agents?

If we haven’t given you a market appraisal then either email, call or text us to arrange a suitable time to visit you in your home. Once this is done, we will need a lovely day to take photographs and measurements of your home. We will then deliver a brochure for your approval prior to the property being placed onto the market.

How do you place a value on my property?

In order to place an accurate figure on your home we will look at similar properties that have sold within your local area and take into account condition or extensions to ascertain whether your own property sits higher than those that have sold or not. We will also consider what the housing market is doing and how many active buyers are searching within the criteria of your property. All of these points can affect the price that you are likely to achieve.

What is your contract length?

We believe that we shouldn’t have to tie you into a contract length as we are more than confident you will be surpassed by our services and feel that if we did have a contract length it would shows lack of confidence on our part in being able to sell your home. Your home is the biggest asset you’re ever going to sell so you should have the chose if you don’t feel things are going your way to leave and market with someone else. We offer a 0 week contract length.

What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a guide that would-be buyers get when they look at a property. It shows how efficiently a home uses energy, the cost of running a home and recommendations of how to improve the energy efficiency of the property. An EPC is valid for ten years and gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (being most efficient) to G (being least efficient).

Can I market my property with James Estate Agents if I’m marketing it currently through another agent?

You can but you will need to check the terms of your current agent so that you’re not liable for higher fees. The easiest thing to do is make contact with your current agent and ask if they are happy for you to make your agreement either a joint or multi agency agreement. Of course, if you are outside the duration of your original agreement sometimes a fresh approach can really help however you will have to give your current agent the required written notice to conclude with them.

Who carries out the viewings?

We accompany all viewings from 9:00 am until late seven days a week.

What happens after a viewing has taken place?

We will always give you a call the same day to give you an insight to what the prospective buyers said on the viewing. We feel this is really important as it can be an anxious time whilst you know a viewing has taken place and its nice for you to know straight away if it’s a definite no or a potential. We always make contact with the client the next morning, so they have had the evening to reflect and not make a knee jerk decision. This will then be re-laid to you and we will discuss whether the feedback offers an insight into things that can be altered to further enhance the property and ultimately lead to a successful sale.

How are offers dealt with?

It’s really important to us to find out all possible information when putting a potential offer forward to yourself, so we will check the chain of the prospective buyer, their financial position which may involve seeing proof of cash or speaking to their mortgage broker and their desired timescales. All of these things give you assurance that when we come to you with an offer that its accurate for you to make the best decision to fit your circumstances.

When do I need to instruct a conveyancer?

It’s a really good idea when placing your property onto the market to instruct a conveyancer at the same time. The fixtures and fittings form and property information forms can take a little while to fill out which we will be happy to meet with you and assist in any way. If you haven’t selected a conveyancer, we can advise on what will best suit you and arrange free quotes if required.

How long does it take to move from start to finish?

This is a very difficult thing to accurately gauge as it depends on whether you are selling your property for one and then it will depend on the length of chain and how complex the financial elements of everyone involved. As a ballpark for the average sale and purchase once finding a buyer and with all going smoothly can take up to twelve weeks